Sunday, September 23, 2012

Reiki: That’s what you use in the garden, right?!

The answer to that question is no. Reiki is not a garden tool!

The most common questions I get asked are “What is it?”, “What do you do?” and “What does it feel like?”

Well to answer the first question: Reiki, simply put, is energy. It is literally translated, from the Japanese, as “Universal Life Force Energy”.

As for “what do I do” well, as a practitioner, I channel Reiki to you. I place my hands either directly on your body or just above your body and using a series of specific hand placements, pass the Reiki on. I will keep my hands on each spot for as long as the Reiki is needed there. Some spots will require more Reiki than others, some less; it just depends on your body and how you’re feeling.

“What does it feel like?” It feels different for everyone. Most typically, when doing treatments, my hands will get quite hot and I will feel surges of heat throughout my body; this happens when I’ve hit a spot that requires a fair amount of treatment. Patients have told me they feel a variety of sensations: heat, tingling, “electric pulses”, a warm feeling throughout their limbs and core and a bit light headed near the end of the treatment. The light headed feeling is normal, it’s just your body’s way of dealing with the fact that we just played around with your energy; a few glasses of water and sitting still for a few minutes alleviates this feeling. Patients also say that feel very relaxed and stress free after their treatments.

Reiki is a wonderful treatment for everyday aches and pains or for more serious conditions like arthritis. It can be done as a solo treatment or in combination with other forms of treatment like acupuncture, massage, chiropractic and reflexology.

~Marni Banks, Reiki Practitioner

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